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SBM SB3000 Fitness Currency Sorting Machine- 3 Pocket, 10 Multi-Currencies Sorter

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SBM SB-3000 is 3 pocket fitness sorter, which can count not only cash but also cheques and tickets.

SB Series are the most intelligent and reliable Banknotes Counting Machines which use Image Processing Technology to recognize banknotes and to discriminate between different denominations. SB-3000 is one of the advanced SB Series, is the world’s smallest fitness sorter having 3 pockets. SB-3000 has various and useful functions and keeps up with growing customers’ demand from all over the world. With modern design, 5” TFT Color LCD and user-friendly interface, SB-3000 provides every operator with more comfortable and efficient working environment. 3 pockets allow operator to perform daily cash processing job and sort banknotes by quality, denomination and counterfeit without any interruption.

SB-3000 is 3 pocket fitness sorter, which can count not only cash but also cheques and tickets. SB-3000 can also handle TITO (tickets, voucher). First, it scans and acknowledges gaming machine ID and amount. Second, it sends scanned images and analyzed ID, amount and so on (customizable on request) into PC. Third, TITO SW (in PC) stores voucher images with analyzed info. Finally, TITO SW (PC program) can send the info to Voucher server.

Key Features:

  • World's smallest 3 pocket fitness sorter

  • Easy maintenance

  • Rotatable wheel at the bottom

  • Great Tape Detection performance

  • Check Management System available

  • TITO (Ticket) management system available

  • Cheque Management System

  • Fitness Sorting: Tape, Dog-ear, Soil, Tear, Hole, Graffiti, Stamp etc.

  • Multi-Currencies Capability: Can be configured with up to 10 currencies

  • Various Operation Modes: Mixed / Single / Face / Orient / Count / (Issue / SRL / P-OCR)

  • Various Count Modes: Mixed / Single / Count / Face / Orient / Fitness /(Option: Issue / Serial No. Recognition & Comparison)

  • New Type of Stacker: Lift Type

  • Enhanced Sensors: CIS (Option: 2 CIS) / Magnetic/ UV / IR / Mechanical Roller Tape Detector

  • User Friendly: Resistive Touch Screen + Hard Key, 5"TFT Color LCD Multi Language support

More Information
Currency RangeUpto 10 Multi-Currencies
Hopper CapacityMax.700 notes
Stacker CapacityMax.200 notes
Counterfeit Detections2CIS, IR, MG, Tape Sensor, UV
Counting-Bills Per Minute (BPM)1000
Operating ModesFitness Count, Issue Year Sort, Mix Count, Orientation Sort, Piece Count, Simple Count
Dimensions (WxDxH)306(W) X 334(D) X 380(H) mm
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