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Scan Coin SC8100 Fake Currency Detector

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The SC 8100 is a high-quality currency counter that will deliver outstanding results and is also equipped with the latest sensor technology, to securely find known counterfeits.

No matter if you are a retailer, work in a bank, exchange office or with elections, you need a note counter that you can trust to do its job to count genuine notes and detect counterfeits week after week, year after year. For you, we introduce the SC 8100, a high-quality value counter that will deliver outstanding results at a low cost.

Unique design features

When designing this machine our customers' feedback led the way. This is why there is a built-in carrying handle for example, to conveniently move it around your office. Should there be a jam or problem with the note feeding mechanism, you have easy access to the complete note path and sensor area to remove jammed notes (or to clean) - without having to loosen one single screw!

Sensors and counterfeit detection

The SC 8100 is equipped with the latest sensor technology, including MG, UV, IR and image detection, to securely find known counterfeits. By keeping the machine up-to-date you will always be sure to detect even the newest counterfeits.

Value counting and document verification

Besides regular value counting of currencies, you can also use this machine for document counting. This feature is widely used in elections where a lot of time can be saved when skipping manual processes. Not to mention the improved accuracy!

Easy updates and upgrades

Updates are easily carried out by simply inserting an SD card in the SD card slot on the back of the machine. This means that you no longer have to wait for a technician - you simply wait for the card to arrive in the mail! The same update can also be sent by mail before copied onto an SD card. Machine upgrades, such as adding another language or currency, is done through the USB connection and a PC software by a technician.

Saving transaction data

With the PC Suite software and USB cable that come free of charge with the machine, the transaction data can be saved to a file or database on a PC. Perfect if you wish to process the data further in your ERP system or Excel document.


Up to five different currencies can be installed simultaneously on your machine. There is presently support for more than 40 currencies and new are added continuously.

More Information
Product Name Scan Coin SC8100 Fake Currency Detector
Counterfeit Detections 2CIS, IMG, IR, UV
Dimensions (WxDxH) (WxDxH) : 285 mm x 270 mm x 280 mm
Weight 3.27 Kg
Manufacturer SCAN COIN
Color White
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